My Story

I have spent the past two decades guiding organizations to places they never thought possible. Places that have brought clarity of purpose, new opportunities, and renewed relevance. In short, have made them remarkable.

Through multiple leadership roles in business, government and non-profit, I have led organizations through transformational change that has enabled them to perform at their peak level and achieve outcomes that they did not think possible.  My work has been recognized globally, and my leadership impact has crossed borders into international realms.  Most recently, as President and CEO of the Calgary Chamber, I led a transformation that resulted in a national and international award winning organization.

I left the Calgary Chamber at the end of 2017 to pursue two passions.  The first is leadership in times of change, uncertainty and complexity.  To fulfill that passion, I took on the role of Director, Global Business Futures Initiative at the Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary. There, I am exploring the major forces affecting organizations around the world, and how they can respond to ensure a position of trust, relevance and success.

The second passion is helping leaders make remarkable organizations; by defining their organizational purpose and focus, bringing together the right people as a high performing team, and creating the right platform for achieving extraordinary results.  I have devoted my career to enabling organizations to do truly remarkable work.  Based on decades of leadership experience, I have developed a structure that any organization can use in order to address the complex forces they face and achieve remarkability – it is called the remarkability agenda.

I now help leaders build their remarkability agendas.  Are you ready to build yours?

Adam Legge Calgary Chamber of Commerce

My Approach

I have a permanent dissatisfaction with the status quo.  Why?  Because you are slowly dying at status quo.  There are immense changes happening all around you that impact your organization and your future.  Every day someone is trying to disrupt you, or put you out of business.  If you are not adapting, adjusting, evolving or transforming then you are fading.  And you cannot be on the cusp of remarkable when you are fading.

Futures aren’t predicted. They are created. You want your organization’s future to be remarkable. So, you must work purposefully, with the right focus and discipline towards the right target – to create a remarkable future for your organization.

I understand the commitment, realities, and approach needed to achieve remarkability.  I have lived and led it many times.

I use an open, honest, and collaborative approach to working with my clients. You have too much at stake, and too much to get done, to do it any other way.

I operate using a number of principles.  I focus on:

  • Engagement and buy-in;
  • Inquiry;
  • Root causes;
  • Reality;
  • The long view, and the wide angle;
  • Action
  • A line of sight;
  • Accountability;
  • Measurement.