I help leaders make their organizations remarkable.

There are three elements to remarkability: purpose, people and platform.

  • Purpose – Your purpose is your why.  Your reason for existence.  It is a foundational component of your brand.
  • People – People are the driving force behind any remarkable organization.  If the right people are on board to govern, lead, work for and support an organization, and they believe in the purpose, then there is little that they cannot do.
  • Platform – The platforms of a remarkable organization enable the purpose to come to life, and the people to deliver on their task; it is the value proposition, strategies and plans, performance systems, technologies, infrastructure, facilities, policies and procedures.

Remarkable organizations only happen when time, attention and energy is paid to the health of their purpose, people and platform.  Each one of them, tuned to the optimal state, is vital to achieving remarkability.

Being remarkable – in impact, relevance, legacy, growth or revenue – happens on purpose.  You can’t hope to get there, or tackle it part-time

Remarkability is no easy task; it is complex and there are no easy answers.  Becoming, and staying, remarkable means adapting to, and evolving with, the change; the change that is constantly happening all around you – technology, demographics, climate, society.  You must be able to adapt, or even transform, your organization in order to thrive in complex and changing times.  I work with leaders to help them do just that.

I work with leaders to build and implement their remarkability agenda – I simplify complexity, help them understand what change is needed, and create a plan to make their organization remarkable and capable of doing its greatest work.

Remarkability Agenda

You want to make your organization remarkable but you may not know how to get there, or need help. Whether it is a component of the organization, or the whole thing, I work with you to fine tune the three elements of your organization – purpose, people and platform – that will help you achieve the outcomes you want.

I work with you to help design a remarkability agenda that will make your organization remarkable, and capable of doing its best work.

Services include:

  • Remarkability diagnostic
  • Remarkability agenda development and implementation
  • Change plan support and coaching
  • New executive orientation and support
  • Leadership operating system design
  • High performance team development

Strategy & Simplifying Complexity

Leaders are faced with increasing complexity. Understanding the challenge and what to do, is no simple task.  Whether it is helping to build an inspiring, empowering, and nimble strategy, or tackling a complex issue you can’t seem to crack, I work with you to see through the complexity and bring clarity to your challenge.  I help you dig into tough and meaty topics.

My approach to strategy defines the landscape, articulates your guiding focus, sets targets, and empowers the team to execute while staying flexible to react and adapt.

Services include:

  • Strategy assessment
  • Strategy development and organizational alignment
  • Facilitation and strategic conversation design
  • New program and product ideation and design
  • High performance team development

Contemporary Governance

Old styles of governance waste time and look backwards.  They have shown themselves to have missed some of the biggest shifts happening around us.  Even the word sounds dated and stiff.  New styles empower leaders, provide strategic counsel, and look forward to ensure that the organization is prepared for the future.

I work with you to ensure that your organization has the right focus, format and frameworks to enable a contemporary governance approach that will let your organization achieve new heights and be a positive force for the future.

Governance doesn’t stop at the big picture or the collective.  It is also about the relationship between a board and its executive lead.  I work with executives and boards to develop a high mutual trust and collaborative spirit, and ensure that adequate performance plans, assessment tools and systems are in place to create a meaningful, positive and performance oriented relationship.

Services include:

  • Governance diagnostic
  • Governance review, strategy and redevelopment
  • Board composition and engagement
  • Board and Executive relations, performance evaluation and coaching