Let’s be honest; it’s hard to know how to rise above the crowd in these times of immense change and disruption. That’s how I can help. I help leaders make their organizations remarkable.

My Remarkability framework is the blueprint you will need to become remarkable. It is the framework for the modern, dynamic and high-performing organization and the guide how to get there. It is a rendering of what your organization needs to be and have in place—the foundations for long-term remarkable performance.

Nothing like the Remarkability framework exists. I have looked. I didn’t find anything. So I created it. You can learn more about it in my book Making Remarkable: How to Deliver Purpose, Inspire People and Build a Platform for Exceptional Results.

I work with leaders to simplify complexity, understand what change is needed, and help create a plan to make their organizations remarkable.

My Approach

My approach to working with you taps into the unique strengths and assets of your organization and builds on them to achieve remarkability, while boosting sustainable resistance to irrelevance.

I have a permanent dissatisfaction with the status quo. Why? Because you are slowly dying at status quo. Every day something or someone is working to challenge your operation. Sitting on the sidelines, or just letting the change happen, isn’t an option. If you are not adapting, adjusting, evolving or transforming then you are fading.

I understand the commitment, realities and approach needed to achieve remarkability. I have lived and led it many times. My biggest conclusion: futures aren’t predicted, they are created. So, you must work purposefully, with the right focus towards the right target with the right discipline – to create a remarkable future for your organization. My approach will help you create the future you want. A remarkable future.

I use an open, honest, and collaborative approach to working with my clients. You have too much at stake, and too much to get done, to do it any other way.

I operate using a number of principles. I focus on:

  • Engagement and buy-in;
  • Inquiry;
  • Root causes;
  • Reality;
  • The long view, and the wide angle;
  • Action
  • A line of sight;
  • Accountability;
  • Measurement.

Remarkability Agenda

You want to make your organization remarkable, but you may not know how to get there. Whether it is a component of the organization, or the whole thing, I work with you to make change or transformations to the three pillars of remarkability within your organization—purpose, people and platform—that will enable you to achieve the outcomes you want.

I work with you to help design a Remarkability Agenda—the plan and the map to achieving remarkability—that will make your organization remarkable, and capable of doing its best work.


  • Remarkability assessment and diagnostic
  • Remarkability Agenda development and implementation
  • Change plan development, support and coaching


Leaders are faced with increasing complexity. Understanding the challenge, and what to do, is no simple task. Whether it is helping to build an inspiring, empowering, and nimble strategy, or tackling a complex issue you can’t seem to crack, I work with you to define the landscape, and bring clarity to complexity. I help you dig into tough and meaty topics.

My approach to strategy defines the landscape, articulates your guiding focus, sets targets, and empowers the team to execute while staying flexible to react and adapt.


  • Strategy assessment
  • Strategy development and organizational alignment
  • Facilitation and strategic conversation design
  • Ideation

Leadership Development and Coaching

People are not born leaders. Despite what books or people will tell you, the only way to become a leader is to practice it. Leadership, particularly for the first time, can be exciting yet daunting and lonely.

I work with new and existing leaders to ensure that their approach and practice is aligned to modern leadership practices that will help achieve remarkability. I assist new leaders and boards with onboarding and coaching in those early weeks and months to help set the foundations for remarkability.


  • New executive orientation and support
  • Culture and values development
  • High performance team development
  • Performance development plans

Contemporary Governance

Old styles of governance waste time and look backwards. Even the word sounds dated and stiff. New styles of governance empower leaders, provide strategic counsel, and look forward so that the organization is prepared to thrive in the future.

I work with you to ensure that your organization has the right focus, form and frame to enable a contemporary governance approach that will let your organization soar to new heights and be a positive force for the future.

I work with boards and executives collectively to establish a high degree of trust and collaboration, and to ensure adequate performance plans and assessment tools are in place.


  • Governance diagnostic
  • Governance review and strategy
  • Board composition and engagement
  • Board and Executive relations support, performance evaluation and coaching