What I would’ve given 25 years ago as a new CEO to have had the benefit of Making Remarkable.  Nowhere else have I seen such a comprehensive, yet targeted, resource to molding a remarkable organization with a continuous eye towards truly being a differentiator. Adam Legge provides real world examples as well as personal insight into what today’s organizations are looking for in their leaders.  Beyond that, it is also a valuable reminder to those who have long been in leadership roles where they are in their remarkable journey.

Jay ChesshirPresident and CEO, Little Rock Regional Chamber & 2017/18 ACCE Board Chair

As the pace of change accelerates, organizations are seeking ways to stay ahead of—not just respond to—change. Adam’s book is part case study, part textbook, and all inspiration. It gives evidence-based advice about how to recognize an organization’s need for transformation and how to get there.

Jennifer DiakiwPresident, Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation

I have had the opportunity to serve with Adam Legge on both the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives Board and World Chamber Federation General Council. He is without a doubt a global thought leader in the Chamber of Commerce industry. Making Remarkable is an excellent “how to” resource for both new and seasoned Chamber CEOs on modernizing your organization to achieve better results, more satisfied members, and more engaged staff.

Jay ByersCEO, Greater Des Moines Partnership

Adam Legge shows you both sides of organizational management: the top of the leadership mountain and the underbelly of change.

Kyle SextonChamberThink Strategies
Author of Remembership and Follow You Anywhere

Making Remarkable provides an easy to follow roadmap to remarkability. It is well written and provides great insights, direction and tools for organizational leadership. It is both inspirational and informative. Author, Adam Legge is a great storyteller who gives first had a poignant personal perspective and also knowledge gained from other experts. While geared to beginning your leadership journey, I found great nuggets that apply to an experienced CEO. I would highly recommend to anyone running or considering running an organization.

Betty Nokes CapestanyPresident & CEO, Bellevue Chamber of Commerce

Adam’s approach motivates and inspires you to challenge the status quo, to think and act boldly. Making Remarkable provides a purposeful roadmap for leaders to transform organizations and cultures to deliver impactful results.

Mark EaganCCE, CEO, Capital Region Chamber, Albany, NY

I wish I would have had a step-by-step process to become remarkable when I accepted my first CEO position. Many of the lessons I learned the hard way are included in Making Remarkable.

Tim GiulianiPresident and CEO, Orlando Economic Partnership

Adam Legge has created a masterpiece. Although Adam relies on his real world experience in turning around a tired organization to be a world-leader, Making Remarkable will benefit a much wider audience. Indeed, every leader, new or experienced, business, association, or government, will find practical and effective tools developed through Adam’s exceptional model of Purpose-Platform-People. I am super impressed with this book, which is very thoughtful, honest, comprehensive, and excellent advice and guidance for all organizational leaders.

Jim DewaldDean, Haskayne School of Business
University of Calgary

Adam Legge did it.  He took an organization from the edge of irrelevance to one that is remarkable.  He provides hands-on insights into what works and what doesn’t.  Not what a consultant thinks will work.  Not a professor’s theories.  But from a CEO who took to the challenges and passionately effected change. Whether it is dealing with governance changes or optimizing resources and competitive position by abandoning obsolete or unproductive programs, he has done it and shares with you his experience and valuable insights.  I am confident that if you put these ideas and practices to work in your organization, you will realize greater relevance, improved value and increased member engagement.

Harrison CoerverCo-author of Race for Relevance, Five Radical Changes for Associations

In a hyper-competitive and complex world, it’s not enough to meet expectations and be “good” at what you do. In order to stand out, inspire and lead exceptional teams and organizations, you have to be remarkable. Remarkable leaders are ethical, catalytic, and transparent, and apply the right strategies across their entire enterprise. Only then will you deliver the highest value to all your organization’s stakeholders. Adam Legge wrote the book that walks readers from basic tenets, to common challenges leaders face, through practical application of remarkable thinking and strategy within your organization. This isn’t a book about leadership style. It’s a road map, workbook and your go-to leadership doctrine all rolled into one.

Sheree Anne KellyPresident & CEO, Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives