Are you looking for an engaging and inspiring speaker on a topic that will get your organization thinking about the future, how to change, and how to thrive?

Do you want a speaker that will cut to the chase and speak to realities and the unvarnished truth?

With a career of over two decades in leadership and making organizations remarkable, I share insights, stories, and experiences that will inspire and excite audiences with actionable ideas and ways to improve their organization. I am honest and direct. Everything I talk about, I have successfully implemented. I have walked the talk.

I have presented numerous topics to audiences of 20 and 2,000. I have worked with groups of new and experienced leaders to tackle big challenges and new ideas. I have shared the stage with Prime Ministers, Premiers, Mayors, Cabinet Ministers, titans of industry and dynamic organizational leaders.

Contact me if you would like a presentation, workshop or speaking engagement on:

  1. Remarkable Organizations
  2. Leading Through Change and Disruption—Navigating Complexity
  3. Remarkable Leadership
  4. Our Changing World—Disruption, Trends and Staying Remarkable
  5. Deep Dives on Remarkability Pillars

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